This listing has been culled over many years, so some celebrities will currently be Golden-less. There are also listings that are more historical in nature.

ENRIQUE IGLESIAS (singer) has a Golden Retriever named Grammy. 

SHAWN JOHNSON (gymnast) has a Golden Retriever named Tucker. Shown here at only 16 years old. Shawn Johnson, the reigning world all-around gymnastics champion, is a big animal lover. During study halls, she often walks animal shelter dogs as part of her school’s volunteer program. She has two tabby cats, Max and Vern, who were adopted from a local shelter, and her Golden boy Tucker. Check out this from a recent interview.

Where did you get your pet? We found him in the paper needing a home because his previous owners were having a baby and were needing to give him up. He was only a few months old and was a perfect match when we met him. We met the family in Nevada, Iowa (about an hour drive), and in about 30 minutes were already headed home with him.

What is your dog’s favorite thing to do? My dog loves going on walks or just playing around. We sometimes even play like hide and go seek, but he always seems to win.

What have you trained Tucker to do? I’ve taught my dog to do a lot of tricks (shake, sit, lay down, jump, etc.) and what always seems to work the best with him is being patient and loving. He always responds well to little treats or attention for a reward.

Does your dog help you train? I always take him with me when I go running or ride my bike, but what he loves the most is when I do stationary exercises like sit ups or stretching because he thinks licking my face and wrestling with me gets me working harder and helps motivate me.

What is your favorite thing about Tucker? He just loves me for me. He always there to greet me when I get home, cuddle with me whenever I need it, and is always wagging his tail and wanting to play while wearing his big doggy smile.

What’s something that always brightens your mood? My animals always brighten my day. If I had a hard practice or am just not feeling great, my pets always seem to make me smile when I get home. I have a golden retriever named Tucker. Tucker is the perfect workout companion. I always take him with me when I go running or ride my bike, but what he loves the most is when I do stationary exercises like sit ups or stretching because he thinks licking my face and wrestling with me gets me working harder and helps motivate me.


NICK JONAS (singer in group, Jonas Brothers ) has a Golden Retriever named Elvis. He was given this handsome boy on September 16, 2008 as a 16th birthday gift from his famous siblings.

Check out this funny E Online Magazine article about his new addition.

As Jonas fans (and, really, that’s all of us) know, brother Nick turned 16 yesterday. The tousle-haired tween sensation had revealed his special birthday wish to Twist magazine: “I want a dog. A big dog!” he gushed, then presumably clapped his hands together and giggled wildly as he rolled on the top bunk of this three-tier bed, clutching an oversize Garfield pillow.

Apparently, that wish has come true, as a golden retriever puppy named Elvis is now calling Nick master. We decided to get Lou's take on the new Jonas pet. We caught up with him at the Santa Monica dog park where he was lying in the shade, rolling dice with a few old pals from the kennel.

“Wait! Snake eyes! Damn. OK, what is it? Oh, that Jonas punk’s puppy. Lemme tell ya this, Nicky boy’s in for a surprise with that one! That dog is crazy, a real wild animal, from what I hear. Likes to go nutsy with the expensive shoes, chews ’em like they was pistachios. And he loves to pee, big-time, and I ain’t just talking hydrants. Sofas, ottomans, liquor cabinets, erotic statuary, stuffed toys—those Jonas kids probably have lots of those laying around—he don’t care. I mean, this Elvis guy must have a bladder the size of a freakin’ Buick. And don't turn your back on a steak with him in the room, but I doubt any of them Jonas sweeties would know a decent rib eye if it nailed 'em in the keester. Speaking of which, I'm hungry. You're buying."

This photo on the right shows Elvis at one year of age. Still cute as can be.


SHIRLEY JONES (actress) has a Golden Retriever rescue named Buff. Once wanting to become a veterinarian, Shirley has a home filled with animals. In a news article (January 2004) she relayed the following: "I'm madly in love with a golden retriever," she says, referring to Buff, who has been sitting quietly at her side through a 30-minute telephone conversation. "He's a rescue dog, and I've only had him two months. He's sitting next to me right now."

Buff joins a 4-year-old cat named Peanut and a 15-year-old Shih Tzu named Lulu. "They get along very well," she says. "Golden retrievers get along with everything."


STACI KEANAN (actress in the TV series Going Places and My Two Dads) has a Golden named Fatty, as well as several others.

DIANE KEATON (actress) has a Golden Retriever.

This photo of Diane and her Golden was taken on the  patio of her 1920s Beverly Hills house.

DEAN KOONTZ (author of the book, Watchers, with Golden Retriever Einstein) has a Golden named Trixie. Asked about his special girl, this is what Dean had to say: "Trixie, a 60-pound Golden Retriever, was bred and trained by Canine Companions for Independence, a wonderful organization with which Gerda and I have been involved for many years; CCI supplies service dogs for the disabled, mostly for people confined to wheelchairs. Trixie enjoyed eighteen months of training with her puppy raiser and then six months of intense specialty training. In her graduation photo, lined up with a dozen other Golden Retrievers, Trixie can be spotted instantly by anyone who knows her, because while the other dogs sit erect and stately, facing the camera with noble expressions, Trixie strikes a comic pose, legs akimbo, grinning, head cocked, revealing herself to be a free spirit.

After graduation, she was placed with a lovely and charming young wheelchair-bound woman in the Los Angeles area. After six months in service, Trixie began to limp. X-rays revealed that one of her legs was about three-quarters of an inch longer than the other three. This had never troubled Trixie before, but the strain of daily service began to impact her joints and in the affected limb. Following surgery to shorten the long leg, she fully recovered; her joints look perfect now, and the vet says she will be an athlete all her life. After leg surgery, however, no dog is returned to service.

Through the good offices of Canine Companions, therefore, shortly before her third birthday, Trixie 'retired' to live with Gerda and me. She is an exceptionally sweet-tempered girl who rarely barks and is always ready to play. She will rest her head in your lap for half an hour at a time, to have her face gently massaged and will draw out a belly rub for an hour if you'll indulge her. A love of belly rubs and face massages: uncanny how much she has in common with me! She has given me two ideas for unusual novels featuring dogs—she'll be paid in Three Dog Bakery treats, which is cheaper than sharing my royalties with her (heh, heh)—and I'm letting them develop in my subconscious for a while."

In an additional interview, Dean was asked, Do you have other pets besides your dog Trixie? He answered, "No, Trixie is seven pets in one, some days. She is such a highly trained little pooch, having been a wheelchair-service dog. She is undeniably smarter, more clever, and more amusing than I am. She keeps me on my toes, and I don't think I'd have time for any other pet, except perhaps a turtle. He was also asked if his dog was able to ever coax ideas out of that devious mind of yours? He responded, "Trixie, my dog, has been with us for almost a year and a half. . . . She knows more tricks than I do, is far more obedient than I even have any hope of being, and has given me ideas for two new dog novels utterly unlike any dog stories I've had before. In short, already she's earning her kibble."

This photo comes from the back cover of Dean Koontz's newest masterpiece, One Door Away From Heaven. Of course, in keeping with this dude's love for the breed, there are Golden Retrievers within the story line. I hope Trixie is enjoying the read!

In a May 17, 2004 article, Author Dean Koontz Answers Questions, Dean replied to this question: "Many of your books attribute special powers to animals, especially dogs. Do you feel that animals are more intelligent than most people believe?" ..... "I can't speak with authority about other animals, but I have no doubt that dogs are far more intelligent than most people believe. I have seen complex reasoning in Trixie's approach to the world, a sense of humor that is sly and charming, and even behavior that I am convinced is based on moral judgment. Most people don't look closely and with full consideration at the behavior of dogs, but when you do ... they are every bit as uncannily smart and mysterious as Jack London portrayed them. Someday I will write about Trixie, who has changed my view of the complexity of reality and of nature, and when I do, those observations will not be tainted to any degree by anthropomorphizing. But for now: Dogs rule!"  To enjoy some special writings from Dean and Golden Trixie together, just click here. And, to learn about Golden Gerda, the CCI service dog-in-training, named for Dean's wife, click here.


JONATHAN KOZOL (author) has a Golden Retriever named Sweetie Pie.

BRIAN KRAUSE (actor who played on CHARMED) has a Golden Retriever named Penny.

ASHTON KUTCHER (actor) has a Golden Retriever named Mr. Bojangles.

 MICHELLE KWAN (Gold medal winning figure skater) has a Golden Retriever named Traveler. Here she is gracing the cover of the 2003 Purina Dog Chow Incredible Dogs Calendar.

Michelle also appears with her Traveler in the month of January, with this quote: "The saying has always been 'A dog is a man’s best friend.' Now that we’re in the 21st century, I’d like to think that sentiment could be expanded to 'A dog is man’s…and woman’s best friend,' as well." 


Catherine's GoldensCATHERINE LANIGAN (author of over twenty books, including the novelization for film of "Romancing The Stone" and "The Jewel of the Nile"; and the December 1999 novella entitled, "Miracles are Golden") has two Golden Retrievers named Beau and Bebe.

Shown here, this perfect Southern lady and gentleman, are Catherine's constant and darling companions.  

JOHN LARROQUETTE (actor in the movies Blind Date and Richie Rich and in the TV series Night Court) has a Golden named Pluto. 

MATT LAUER (NBC Today Show host) has a Golden named Walden.

LORI LOUGHLIN (actress) has a Golden named Luca. "SHE likes to put my hand in her mouth. She doesn't bite me, she just likes to hold my hand" Lori Loughlin to New York Dog magazine on her golden retriever Luca.

JOEY LAWRENCE (actor in Gimme a Break and Blossom) has a Golden named Jack.

TIMOTHY LEARY (psychologist) has a Golden named Bo.

JANET LEIGH (actress from "Psycho") has a Golden Retriever.

SHARI LEWIS (sadly missed children's entertainer in The Charlie Horse Music Pizza and Lamb Chop's Play Along shows) had a Golden Retriever.

KRISTINE LILY (1996 Olympic Gold Medalist in Soccer) has a Golden Retriever named Molson.

Tara and BrandyTARA LIPINSKI (USA & Olympic Gold Medal winning figure skater) had a Golden Retriever named Brandy, but we learned she recently died from cancer.

Here they are in one of their happier times. I guess Tara can have as much fun off the ice as she does on. Of course, Brandy had it all here keeping her happy — her Golden mom Tara, a tennis ball, and enjoying the water!


PEGGY LIPTON (actress) has two Golden Retrievers named Shanti & Maha. They were a gift from Oprah Winfrey.



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